About US

RIC for customer satisfaction.

=  Responsibility
=  Integrity
=  Construction Management (CM)

       CM is the company focuses on customer satisfaction in 3 aspects.

RIC Construction Company Llimited. The company has officially provided construction and construction management services since 2004. and is well known for professional construction construction management a system approach to planning scheduling and controlling.

RIC Construction Company Limited. is one of the leading design and construction companies in Phuket. Since its establishment in 2004 its has gained more than 14 years of impressive record of construction projects completed with a high degree of quality and competency and to the customer.

Satisfaction Rich has earned high accord and trust from its many customers in the ability to employ appropriate high technology and in completing projects to a high standard and on time. Rich is dynamic and very persistent in its goals to always strive for better development and strength.

Business's Goals.
- Take on of the leading design and construction companies andaman Zone. (phuket ,krabi ,phangnga.)
- Utilization and development of technology to achieve high quality projects.
- Safety and Environmental Control awareness

Construction for various types of Building Infrastructure and M&E such as
- Low rise building
- Apartment
- House
- Office
- Hotel
- Property
- Road
- Retaining wall
- Swimming pool

RIC Construction Company Limited. was founded in 2004 to provide excellent services in structural design project and construction management, damage investigation and renovation, and electrical mechanical energy and environmental design. As the result of its proven track records in low-rise and large high-rise building designs
- Structural Design (SD)
- Civil Engineering Design (CV)
- Project and Construction Management (CM)
- Electrical, Mechanical and Sanitary Engineering (M&E)
- Energy Management (Energy)